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December, 2012
BILAT-USA and Link2US are over! Read about the BILAT-USA project achievements! 6 Dec. 2012
October, 2012
U.S.-EU Research Cooperation Stakeholders Roundtable generates Summary for Policy Makers 22 Oct. 2012
Fifth FP7 Monitoring Report published 9 Oct. 2012
USA and its collaboration with the European Commission’s in-house science service, Joint Research Centre (JRC) 9 Oct. 2012
European Commission´s new strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation 2 Oct. 2012
ERA-CAPS joint research calls funding tools designed to support collaborative transnational research in the field of plant sciences 2 Oct. 2012
August, 2012
BILAT-USA Report on U.S. participation in FP6 and FP7 updated 20 Aug. 2012
FP7 Calls open specifically for U.S. Participation 2 Aug. 2012
July, 2012
A Reinforced European Research Area Partnership for Excellence and Growth 23 Jul. 2012
Open access to research results shall boost Europe's innovation capacity 23 Jul. 2012
Dr. Lubchenco's trip to Brussels last May stregthens ties with EU 23 Jul. 2012
U.S., EU and China meeting on non-food Consumer Product Safety – a common objective 23 Jul. 2012
Report Questions Future of U.S. Leadership in Biomedical Research. 23 Jul. 2012
Report Compares Immigration Policies of Nations 23 Jul. 2012
International S&T Act Introduced 23 Jul. 2012
National Institutes of Health Common Fund Announces Two New Programs 23 Jul. 2012
Read the analysis from Jeffrey Mervis on "Senate Bills Would Make Room for More STEM Graduates” 20 Jul. 2012
Cultivating Global Science, editorial by Subra Suresh, director of the National Science Foundation, in Science Magazine 20 Jul. 2012
That was ESOF2012! New Agreement signed between ERC and NSF! BILAT-USA and Link2US were there! 17 Jul. 2012
Young U.S.-based talents to join ERC research projects: new agreement signed by the EC and the NSF 23 Jul. 2012
Boost your research career! Come to Europe! 11 Jul. 2012
€8.1 billion Euro investment in research and innovation to create growth and jobs 10 Jul. 2012
June, 2012
BILAT-USA @ NanoSafety Cluster meeting 14 Jun. 2012
The Relationship between the European Research Area and Horizon 2020 14 Jun. 2012
Joint NSF-FWF call “International Collaboration in Chemistry between U.S. Investigators and their Counterparts in Austria” (ICC) 2012-2013 12 Jun. 2012
July, 2012
7 reasons for European and U.S. researchers to cooperate in the last FP7 Calls 10 Jul. 2012
June, 2012
Next FP7 Calls targeting Research Cooperation between EU and U.S. 7 Jun. 2012
Online IT Degree: 50 Years of Information Technology 5 Jun. 2012
Online MBA Programs 5 Jun. 2012
Release of updated Link2US funding catalogue 4 Jun. 2012
May, 2012
Destination Europe: Your Research & Innovation Opportunities - Raising the awareness of Europe's research and innovation excellence in the USA 30 May. 2012
BILAT-USA @ NORDP 2012 Annual Meeting in Alexandria, Virginia 31 May. 2012
New ERA of transatlantic research collaborations 31 May. 2012
Senate Bills Would Ease Foreign Researchers Remaining in U.S. 31 May. 2012
First Orientaton Papers 2013 to the Work Programmes of the last FP7 Calls published 7 May. 2012
April, 2012
Fogarty Fellowship – Call for Applications open 26 Apr. 2012
Navigating the Interface between Legal Requirements and Scientific Methodology, by James J. Casey, Jr., J.D. 25 Apr. 2012
Young Entrepreneurs Initiative Program - YEi 11 Apr. 2012
High Success Rate for Projects involving U.S. Partners in the Health thematic area 4 Apr. 2012
Publication on International Cooperation in EU funded Health research: Around the world in 36 projects 4 Apr. 2012
FP7 Health Orientation paper to the FP7 2013 Work Programme published! 4 Apr. 2012
7 reasons for U.S. researchers to participate in the last FP7 Calls 3 Apr. 2012
CABI (Centre for Agricultural Bioscience) agree with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to feed more knowledge to Plantwise Initiative 2 Apr. 2012
Report on Long Term Impact of the Framework Programme published 2 Apr. 2012
March, 2012
M-ERA.NET kicked off: From materials science and engineering to innovation for Europe 20 Mar. 2012
New report on the state of the art of the strategic energy technologies 9 Mar. 2012
Innovation ministers discuss ins and outs of Horizon 2020 9 Mar. 2012
COST to receive additional EUR 10 million from European Commission 9 Mar. 2012
Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011 1 Mar. 2012
February, 2012
BILAT-USA @ ACCESS4EU Meeting on Lessons Learned & Best Practices 22 Feb. 2012
January, 2012
BILAT-USA and Link2US publish article in NCURA Magazine 24 Jan. 2012
USA: Universities Commit to Initiatives that Foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship 11 Jan. 2012
BILAT–USA Analysis of Existing Instruments, Regulations and Obstacles for U.S participation in the 7th Framework Programme 11 Jan. 2012
European Research Council Advanced Grants 9 Jan. 2012
Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (CIG) 9 Jan. 2012
Madrid-MIT M+Visión Consortium: 2012 Fellowship in Translational Biomedical Imaging 4 Jan. 2012
December, 2011
EC Opinion on the independent expert evaluation of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) 22 Dec. 2011
EC Report on the State of the Innovation Union 2011 22 Dec. 2011
European Commission Confirms First Chief Science Adviser, Scottish microbiologist Anne Glover 22 Dec. 2011
EU-U.S. Summit Joint Statement 2 Dec. 2011
NSF Programmes open for submission 1 Dec. 2011
Transatlantic Economic Council Joint Statement 1 Dec. 2011
EU-U.S. Energy Council Joint Statement 1 Dec. 2011
Horizon 2020: Commission proposes €80 billion investment in research and innovation, to boost growth and jobs 1 Dec. 2011
November, 2011
NASA’s Webb Telescope’s Funding Preserved 30 Nov. 2011
UNESCO’s SCIENCE Programs May Be Affected by suppression of U.S. funding 30 Nov. 2011
EU-US Summit Focuses on Jobs and Growth 30 Nov. 2011
BILAT-USA @ Final conference of EU-U.S. Pilot projects on "Transatlantic methods for handling global challenges" 15 Nov. 2011
BILAT-USA @ SFIC Workshop "From common challenges to joint responses - adding a new dimension to EU/MS cooperation with the USA in science, technology and innovation" 15 Nov. 2011
Special announcement for initiating collaborations between U.S. and EU scientists 3 Nov. 2011
October, 2011
EU-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research: Five-Year Strategic Plan 24 Oct. 2011
Global Funding of Nanotechnologies – 2011 24 Oct. 2011
Very well received BILAT-USA Technology Transfer Management workshop 20 Oct. 2011
December, 2011
BILAT-USA Report on U.S. participation in FP6 and FP7 updated 13 Dec. 2011
September, 2011
New Survey on transatlantic relationship 29 Sep. 2011
Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 27 Sep. 2011
Initial Multi-annual Financial Framework - A Budget for Europe 2020 27 Sep. 2011
New ERC website launched! 26 Sep. 2011
BILAT-USA and Link2US support EURO-BASIN in its efforts to promote transatlantic collaboration in Ocean Sciences 22 Sep. 2011
Four ideas to get the U.S. and EU working together on healthcare 22 Sep. 2011
Group on Earth Observations (GEO) draft Work Plan 2012-2015 submitted for official review 19 Sep. 2011
International Collaboration in Chemistry between U.S. Investigators and their Counterparts Abroad (ICC) 15 Sep. 2011
August, 2011
Single permit for third-country nationals to reside and work in the EU 31 Aug. 2011
Announcement of Grant Competition: EU-U.S. Policy Research and Debate 2012-2013 24 Aug. 2011
Benchmarking EU & U.S. Innovation and Competitiveness 24 Aug. 2011
Transatlantic research funding programmes on cardiovascular and neurovascular field 17 Aug. 2011
Registrations are now open for the Technology Transfer Management Training Workshop! 16 Aug. 2011
July, 2011
New FP7 Calls targeting Research Cooperation between EU and U.S. 22 Jul. 2011
June, 2011
EU Framework Programme: Announcement for new calls of 7 billion Euro 30 Jun. 2011
FP7 KBBE Information Day & Brokerage Event on 15 July 2011 17 Jun. 2011
5th Call for Networking and Brokerage Events in the Programme Transport (incl. Aeronautics) 17 Jun. 2011
Training, Career and Mobility of Researchers in the Innovation Union 17 Jun. 2011
“NIH and EC Funding” Information Day Highlights Joint Funding Opportunities for U.S. and EU Researchers 17 Jun. 2011
EU and U.S. Transatlantic Dialogue on Biometrics and Security Technologies 17 Jun. 2011
Workshop on “Bilateral EU-US Cooperation in Nanotechnology” 17 Jun. 2011
FP7 Calls 2012 to be opened in July 2011 9 Jun. 2011
First periodic report submitted by BILAT-USA 7 Jun. 2011
May, 2011
EU-US ERC funded team reveal how the cells inside us like to dance 24 May. 2011
German and American scientists sequence tropical marine organism genome 11 May. 2011
US Nobel laureate Prof. J. Heckman awarded ERC grant 11 May. 2011
Ground breaking agreement on civil aviation safety between the EU and the US enters into force 3 May. 2011
April, 2011
Results of the Consultation on the Pilot European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing 30 Apr. 2011
EU Embassies' Open House Day, May 7, 10 am - 4 pm, in DC 19 Apr. 2011
Cyber security: EU and US Strengthen Transatlantic Cooperation 19 Apr. 2011
Name the next EU research and innovation programme! 6 Apr. 2011
PROSPERITY FP7 Project: NASA astronomers take a closer look inside red giant stars 1 Apr. 2011
ERC at the "American Association for Cancer Research" meeting in Florida, Orlando 1 Apr. 2011
EU Climate Action Commissioner visits US , April 4-8 7 Apr. 2011
March, 2011
Europe 2020: Competitive or Complacent? 31 Mar. 2011
Transatlantic Economy 2011 31 Mar. 2011
US scientist clinches ERC Advanced Grant 25 Mar. 2011
April, 2011
JRC at the US-EU Joint workshop "Bridging nanoEHS research efforts" 1 Apr. 2011
March, 2011
2010 Annual Report on U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement 16 Mar. 2011
BILAT-USA to Hold Workshop at EuroNano Forum 2011 16 Mar. 2011
Release of the report on “U.S. Participation in the Framework Programme” 16 Mar. 2011
March, 2012
New EU-funded network for plant phenotyping on the way 9 Mar. 2012
March, 2011
US businesses call for 'IQ alliance' with Europe 4 Mar. 2011
EU-U.S. Cooperation on civil aviation research and development 1 Mar. 2011
February, 2011
2010 Innovation Union Scoreboard 21 Feb. 2011
Last Call for 2012 EU Visitors Program Applications 16 Feb. 2011
Green Paper on a Common Strategic Framework for future EU Research and Innovation Funding 15 Feb. 2011
USPTO and EPO reach agreement on principles of Cooperative Patent Classification system 14 Feb. 2011
January, 2011
ERIC - European Research Infrastructure Consortium 18 Jan. 2011
New Publication on International Cooperation-BILAT Projects, Call 2009 18 Jan. 2011
Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) - Research Grants 2012 12 Jan. 2011
Call for Proposals: EU-US Atlantis Program 11 Jan. 2011
December, 2010
Draft Agenda for the EU-U.S. Innovation and Technology Transfer Symposium is now available! 22 Dec. 2010
Two News Reports Released by BILAT-USA 21 Dec. 2010
Final Report of the EU-U.S. Symposium on LSRI is available! 17 Dec. 2010
OECD Science and Technology: Keeping up investment in science and innovation key to long-term growth 19 Dec. 2010
International Early Career Scientist Program of the Howard Hughes Medical Insitute 2 Dec. 2010
November, 2010
EU and U.S. agree on global `Small Shared Satellites` project 15 Nov. 2010
The European Commission and the US announce joint research efforts on rare diseases 4 Nov. 2010
October, 2010
US-EU Energy Council initiative: European Union and U.S. define strategic goals for research on energy storage 25 Oct. 2010
Transatlantic Energy Strategies and Resource Nationalism: The New European Energy Landscape 25 Oct. 2010
BILAT-USA Forum Report 21 Oct. 2010
PRESS RELEASE/ Symposium on Transatlantic EU - U.S. Cooperation in the Field of Large Scale Research Infrastructures: Sparking off sustainable dialogue and cooperation 14 Oct. 2010
Marie Curie Actions: Record Number of Applications for EU Research Grants 7 Oct. 2010
A Brokerage Event in the Field of Energy Technologies 6 Oct. 2010
The European Commission's "Innovation Union" – turning ideas into jobs, green growth and social progress 8 Oct. 2010
September, 2010
New Transatlantic Education Partnerships 15 Sep. 2010
August, 2010
Most Recent FP7 Calls targeting U.S. Participation 9 Aug. 2010
July, 2010
51 new FP7 calls for proposals launched 26 Jul. 2010
List of specific international cooperation calls in FP7 work programmes 2011 27 Jul. 2010
June Newsletter Now Available 1 Jul. 2010
June, 2010
Environment 2011 Calls within the FP7 21 Jun. 2010
BILAT-USA Project Holds Successful Session at AAAS Policy Forum 5 Jun. 2010
April, 2010
1st Newsletter is Available 28 Apr. 2010
BILAT-USA (Grant Agreement no: 244434) and Link2US (Grant Agreement no: 244371) Projects are co-funded by the European Union’s Capacities Programme on International Cooperation under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Cooperation.