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About the Portal

This EU-U.S. Science and Technology Portal is dedicated to foster trans-Atlantic EU-U.S. cooperation and to provide you with up-to-date information, news, and related documents, such as S&T Agreements, regarding Science and Technology (S&T) cooperation between the European Union and the United States.

Two projects are behind this Portal:


BILAT-USA is addressing U.S. researchers providing information on the 7th Framework Programme (FP7), such as open calls targeting specifically cooperation with U.S. researchers, research organizations and companies.

The BILAT-USA Helpdesk provides U.S. researchers support via e-mail responding to questions related to EU-U.S. cooperation under FP7.


Link2US is addressing European researchers highlighting the major U.S. federal government funding programmes that are open for European researchers.

The Link2US Helpdesk provides assistance to European researchers on U.S. federal government funding programmes via telephone and e-mail.



Dec 6, 2012 BILAT-USA and Link2US are over! Read about the BILAT-USA project achievements!
Oct 23, 2012 Boosting EU-U.S. Cooperation in Energy Research: Opportunities and Prospects A Joint EU-U.S. workshop
Oct 22, 2012 U.S.-EU Research Cooperation Stakeholders Roundtable generates Summary for Policy Makers
Oct 9, 2012 European Participation in U.S. Federal Science & Technology Research Funding Programs: Case Study of Department of Energy-Funded Researchers


BILAT-USA and Link2US are over! Read about the BILAT-USA project achievements!

The BILAT-USA project has been set up to establish a bi-regional, sustainable and knowledge based dialogue platform between S&T key players and stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic at ...(more)

European Commission´s new strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation

On 14 September 2012, the Commission adopted a Communication entitled 'Enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation in research and innovation: a strategic approach'. The Communication se...(more)

BILAT-USA (Grant Agreement no: 244434) and Link2US (Grant Agreement no: 244371) Projects are co-funded by the European Union’s Capacities Programme on International Cooperation under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Cooperation.