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Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, NY City, May 8-10, 2011

Dec 3, 2010

The 17th annual conference of the International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) will be hosted by the Earth Institute, Columbia University. It will serve as a forum for open and diverse intellectual discourse on sustainability, with focus on identifying practicable steps toward a sustainable future that are ready for implementation on the local, regional and global scale.

The conference theme is "Moving Toward a Sustainable Future: Opportunities and Challenges." Within this theme the 17th International Sustainable Development Research Conference will explore the fundamental question of whether the aspirations of global society to continued growth can be harmonized with the existing limits imposed by Earth’s resource base. ISDRC17 will explore how progress in the field of sustainable development can be translated into political action in preparation for the Rio+20 conference to be held in 2012.


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