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EU-U.S. Summit Joint Statement

Dec 2, 2011

At the annual EU-U.S. Summit on 28 November 2011 in Washington, DC, leaders affirmed their close partnership and commitment to work together to reinvigorate economic growth, create jobs, and ensure financial stability.

They instructed the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) to pursue its work on strategic economic questions, not least in the field of investment, innovation policy, and the protection of intellectual property rights, announcing the establishment of a high-level working group to boost job creation and economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

They recognized the vital role of the EU-U.S. Energy Council in fostering co-operation on energy security, renewables and other clean energy technologies, energy efficiency, and effective policies for facilitating trade and bringing clean energy technologies to market.

They agreed that the ability to respond to and overcome the global challenges is increased by the degree to which they can act in close co-ordination and co-operation, continuing to seek every opportunity to increase co-operation.

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