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Engineering andPhysicalSciencesResearchCouncil(UK)

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We are the main UK government agency for funding research and training in engineering and the physical sciences, investing more than £850 million a year. ? Facts and figures We support research into engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials science, information and communications technologies. Mission and vision, Budget and finances, Our research, Centres, Key publications. ? Organisation EPSRC is a non-departmental public body funded by the UK government through the Department for Universities, Innovation and Skills. We employ around 300 staff in Swindon. Senior staff, Chief Executive's office, research base, business innovation, grants operations ...


BILAT-USA (Grant Agreement no: 244434) and Link2US (Grant Agreement no: 244371) Projects are co-funded by the European Union’s Capacities Programme on International Cooperation under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Cooperation.