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EU and U.S. agree on global `Small Shared Satellites` project

Nov 15, 2010

On 22 October 2010, during an international conference in Pisa, Italy, representatives of the European Commission and the government of the U.S., Chile and Argentina agreed to launch a pilot project in 2011, putting together a network of geostationary monitoring satellites. The funding agreement is in the pipeline thanks to industry providing funding in exchange for access to data or contracts to provide maintenance and encryption services.

Data gathered through the `Small Shared Satellites`project will be used to monitor many types of ground-based activities and will also be available to ministries of defence.




BILAT-USA (Grant Agreement no: 244434) and Link2US (Grant Agreement no: 244371) Projects are co-funded by the European Union’s Capacities Programme on International Cooperation under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Cooperation.