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Online IT Degree: 50 Years of Information Technology

Jun 5, 2012

Information Technology has grown into a rich and multi-layered domain within business management, casting its wide umbrella over information systems, mass data management and manipulation, programming languages, software advancements, and the visualization of unique data. To say that information technology has had an enormous impact on business and culture is an understatement. The era of computation and mobile software that IT has spawned is unparalleled in its reach and forward progress, and as the world continues to move onward its ability to process larger and larger quantities of data will improve to levels still unknown.

Onlineitdegree.net was created as an online informational resource for individuals looking to pursue IT Degree-related education and careers. Over the years, many resources that span the realm of information science, including programming languages, computer software and software engineering, and information systems have been compiled. The goal with these resources is to contribute to and benefit one’s study of IT, whether in the classroom or professional world notwithstanding. In addition, information on current job market trends and what educational paths would be sufficient for one looking to carve out a career in information technology are provided.


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