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Chances for Passage of COMPETES Wane

Dec 3, 2010

Final passage of the reauthorization of America COMPETES Act (COMPETES) within the U.S. House of Representatives looks less likely to pass by the end of the congressional session due to two factors. First, the bill has yet to be filed in the U.S. Senate, a step that is required in order for it to be passed, and second, the uncertainty surrounding the final FY 2011 budget numbers, due to growing pressure to reduce the federal deficit and cut discretionary spending, complicates the process. Some observers believe that even if Congress does not complete action on the bill during the last session before a new Congress begins, chances for its passage in the next Congress appear reasonably good.  However, there is considerable uncertainty about when, and with what authorization levels, the bill might be passed. COMPETES calls for substantially increased science funding for the U.S.


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